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Depression and Spirituality

Several weeks ago I was asked to present a workshop on depression from a Biblical perspective. I would hardly classify myself as a Bible scholar so I found the request quite interesting but also an opportunity to grow in my … Continue reading

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The Myth of Independence?

Who or what causes your heart to beat? Who or what brings sight to your eyes? Who or what allows the cut on your arm to heal? We need only look as near as our own bodies to come to … Continue reading

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I often wonder what deeply held beliefs of modern times will be looked upon with laughter at some point in the future. Given the lessons of history, the passion in which certain beliefs are held is an interesting phenomenon. It … Continue reading

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Psychological Inheritance

“What better measure of what you were doing here Then what you can leave behind All the children of your children’s children Do you ever think what they’re going to find” Peter Gabriel When we think of inheritance we often … Continue reading

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