Through the Eyes of the Person You Seek to Become

“Begin with the end in mind” reads a friends email signature. On most occasions the journey is the destination but having a clearly defined ending point is wise in most endeavors. Beginning with the end in mind allows us to start in a more focused and goal directed manner, mapping out the necessary action steps that will move us toward a desired outcome.

Being unclear of the end leaves us vulnerable to losing focus, becoming distracted and being led astray from what we are trying to accomplish. Vacations serve as a good analogy. Planning the trip begins with determining the destination. Any and all manner of preparation for the trip is contingent on that knowing.

Recently I posed the question, “have you looked at yourself through the eyes of the person you have become?” A related question relevant to anyone seeking to consciously evolve is, “have you looked at yourself through the eyes of the person you seek to become?”

The former question deals with realigning our self perception with the reality of the current self; the latter is concerned with aligning the current self with its vision for the future. What would the eyes of the future self behold as they peer into the mirror? What would characterize the nature of your being and doing? What would you see regarding your relationships, career and finances?

For those seeking change and growth, this is an exercise in envisioning what is possible. Envisioning and visualizing the future with intention and specificity is a powerful and an essential component of manifesting the life and self we desire. It is a process that aligns with the fundamental spiritual laws of attraction and intention. It is an exercise that inspires and motivates us toward, in the words of Neale Donald Walsch, becoming the grandest version of the greatest vision of ourselves. Begin with the end in mind. End with the manifested vision of the beginning.

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  1. OMG I love that you mentioned NDW 🙂 He was my original inspiration for becoming a more evolved being…Love your insight! Have a beautiful day…

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