Embracing the Dark Nights

dep 1
Dancing wildly
Morning sun my partner
Life in every step
Every breath affirms life lived
Inspired to aspire to this soul’s highest calling

From the highest highs
Greatest hopes and dreams manifesting
Comes the long slow slide of descent
Light of day receding
Sun whispers beneath the horizon
Giving way to this soul’s dark night

Morning light fades
Into the blinding darkness of fear and self-doubt
Now my partners, now my guides
On the journey through this soul’s dark night

The rhythmic drum of synchronistic alignment
Now arrhythmic, erratic, off-beat
The soul screams
The heart breaks and bleeds
Bathed by tears
Born of sadness
Birthed by loss-
Too frequent
Too immediate
Too profound

From morning to mourning
From inspiration to desolation
From ascent to descent
Into darkness
This soul’s dark night has come…

“The dark night of the soul comes just before revelation. When everything is lost, and all seems darkness, then comes the new life and all that is needed.” Joseph Campbell

From the warm light of the morning sun to the cold darkness of the midnight hour, impermanence is both friend and foe. The happiness we feel today is inevitably eclipsed by tomorrow’s sorrow. Life is an unending ebb and flow of emotional tides; the inevitable currents of life for which the only effective response is surrender.

The energies of joy, love, well-being and harmony can only be felt in a context where opposing energies exist; polarities creating a necessary tension that brings vitality to the human experience and from which purpose is sourced. Thus we must embrace the dark nights of the soul just as we anticipate the warmth of the morning sun. I once heard that God takes us through Hell to show us the way to Heaven. It is the darkness that propels us into the light and these dark moments in the soul’s journey that moves us into ever brighter and purer light.

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