How Do We Get There?

I recently shared this picture and received the response, “Spot on! Now…how do we get there?” So it got me thinking…

It appears we have not reached a tipping point in the collective consciousness to actualize these sentiments. It is our nature as egoic beings to separate, differentiate; to have an “other”. It is the human condition. We have not collectively evolved to a consciousness that understands we do not have to apply these principles of separation to the most basic necessities essential for subsistence, let alone a decent quality of life for all. It only takes reading the comments on any social media post related to social or political issues to observe the lesser evolved of our species…and they are many.

The bell curve concept offers some insight. A small number of progressive thinkers have always been on the leading edge of shifting the collective conscious. They are often killed or vilified; discredited at the very least by those exerting gravitational forces to maintain the status quo or even revert to the ways of the past. However, Margaret Mead reminds us to never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

Evolution, progress and expanded consciousness always prevail. We once believed the earth was flat. We once believed it was ok to enslave others. We once believed a black man would never become president of the United States (at least in our lifetime).

The Universe is progressive and evolution toward higher consciousness is a fundamental (and obvious) Universal law. In the bigger picture evolution, progression, expansion always wins but perhaps the impediments progress exist to maintain some sort of cosmic balance. Too much too quickly has its downfalls. Not only does that tipping point not yet exist but collectively we are not at a level of consciousness to withstand such rapid shifting.

What is being proposed is quite a shift; a good one but one that would leave heads spinning if it happened right now. Making it happen ultimately requires that these ideas continue to be shared, promoted and exercised where possible, even if on a small scale. It helps to remain mindful that what was once radical, idealistic or impossible is either today’s norm or has already been eclipsed by what was once considered even more radical, idealistic or impossible.

A few thoughts on “how we get there”…

1. Getting there is inevitable but it will take time. This is really difficult for those who realize alternative ways to collectively share the planet and its resources and structure society in way that can eradicate so many of the social ills caused by how we have been doing it thus far exist. It begins by realizing there is enough for everyone’s basic needs to be met. No one on the planet has to go without food, shelter, clothing, housing or adequate healthcare. The lack and limitation of previous eras simply do not exist in modern times.

2. Cooperation must guide our functioning. I am not saying that healthy competition is not effective or cannot lead to progress. We have seen where it has. I am saying that, collectively, we must be cooperative to a point where the willingness give and share so that a minimum standard of the provision of basic needs to all is met. There is no reason in modern times that anyone should have to compete just to survive.

3. Greed exists as one of the seven deadly sins for damn good reasons. Consider the extent to which greed influences governments, corporations, political entities and the major institutions responsible for ordering and structuring societies. Those who have the most want more and want it at the expense others. That has consequences and we must begin to connect the dots between how the us/them mentality is illusory. Our existence is shared, one of interconnectedness and interdependency. What affects one affects all. The vast majority of spiritual and religious traditions teach this yet we ignore the most basic of our sacred teachings. Greed is arguably the greatest contributor to the world’s most debilitating problems.

4. To address greed we must understand that fear is its driving force. All human behavior is motivated by either love or fear. Once we embrace this truth of being human we must assess whether our fears are rational or distortions of reality. The greatest distortion of current reality is the belief that there is not enough. When competition instead of cooperation is the guiding the principle, the perception of lack and limitation is enhanced because someone wins and someone loses. The winner emerges with the goods while the loser goes without, heightening fear and perpetuating endless cycles of competition. Is that not the basis of war?

5. We must begin to fundamentally challenge the assumptions we hold about how things should be and open to the possibility that a better way exists. We must be intentional in this endeavor and stop playing politics with real issues that affect real people in profoundly significant ways. I see and hear so many useless debates rooted in entrenched ideology where positions are argued with no meaningful effort or desire transcend the limitations of either and arrive at effective solutions that benefit all. Therein, the most significant aspect of how we get there- embracing and attending to the interdependent and interconnected collective; shifting from a model and mentality of “self-interest” to “us-interest”.

It begins with intention. The small number at the evolutionary, progressive end of the bell curve must continue to challenge the status quo and put forth what may currently be considered radical new ideas. I believe more of those people exist and many silently affirm those who are more vocal and demonstrative. The silent must become vocal.

Monumental change occurs from the convulsive effects of acts grand and small and the tipping point is the culmination of a series of ascended steps. Ultimately progress, evolution, expansion, elevation is the law of a higher source and will always prevail.

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