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Non-Racist Racism

The Unconscious Mind Anyone who has taken an introductory psychology class should remember Freud’s iceberg theory –  the conscious mind represents the visible part of the iceberg above water and the unconscious mind represents the part invisible to the naked eye. … Continue reading

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Hope in the Midst of Hate

“Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know” Pema Chodron The history of African people and their descendants in the United States is characterized by an enduring fight for justice, freedom, and equality. A … Continue reading

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You Don’t See Color?

What motivates people toward an “I don’t see color” orientation? Have you ever heard someone say I don’t see height or hair length? With regards to color, have you ever heard someone deny the color of your shirt or your … Continue reading

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Why Choose Hate When Love Feels So Much Better?

Following my last blog post, I had a really good conversation with my cousin Rachel about race, hatred, illness, the soul, light and love. Rhetorically, she asked why is it that people choose hate when love feels so much better. … Continue reading

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The Shadow of Race

The shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman thrust America, yet again, into its discomfort and dis-ease about matters of race. The trial of Zimmerman was a convergence of several key issues – race, inequities in the criminal justice system … Continue reading

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