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You Don’t See Color?

What motivates people toward an “I don’t see color” orientation? Have you ever heard someone say I don’t see height or hair length? With regards to color, have you ever heard someone deny the color of your shirt or your … Continue reading

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Humanizing Parents, Deifying God

Whatever we idealize betrays us. Where this is most profound is the relationship between children and their parents. We place expectations on them that are impossible to ever meet. As John Bradshaw once stated, we deify the parent and parentify … Continue reading

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Loving Your Enemies

Next month Deepak Chopra will be speaking in my current city of Houston, Texas. It will be the third or fourth time I attend one of his talks. Of his many books, my favorite is The Third Jesus. In it, … Continue reading

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An Old Man with Lots of Stories

How many times have you heard it’s the journey, not the destination? And how many times have you found yourself hell bent on reaching the destination, achieving the outcome or getting where ever you are trying to get to or … Continue reading

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We the People?

Today is Election Day! Hate is really a strong word but I can honestly say that I hate politics. Can you think of a more ineffective and in efficient way to go about solving our most important issues than the … Continue reading

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How Do We Get There?

I recently shared this picture and received the response, “Spot on! Now…how do we get there?” So it got me thinking… It appears we have not reached a tipping point in the collective consciousness to actualize these sentiments. It is … Continue reading

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Embracing the Dark Nights

Dancing wildly Morning sun my partner Life in every step Every breath affirms life lived Inspired to aspire to this soul’s highest calling From the highest highs Greatest hopes and dreams manifesting Comes the long slow slide of descent Light … Continue reading

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The Road of Happiness

For some reason, I have found myself consistently happy in recent weeks. Perhaps it is because of all the time I’ve spent exercising (endorphins are waaaay underrated). Perhaps it is because I am using my time more productively (much to … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday

Among the many interesting trends to emerge from social media, Throwback Thursday peaked my interest. TBT is the phenomenon that has Facebook users posting pictures of ourselves, our friends and our families from days gone by. Who doesn’t enjoy a … Continue reading

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The Intention/Impact Dynamic

When was the last time you woke up and decided that you were really gonna hurt somebody’s feelings that day? When was the last time you intentionally set out to make someone’s day miserable or inflict any degree of pain … Continue reading

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